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Here is some information about PEZBoard.
  • What does it cost to join?
    Nothing! There is no cost to create an account nor any cost to pin images of your collection.
  • What is a pin?
    A picture and related information about a PEZ dispenser or item.
  • What is a board?
    A collection of boards and pins. Since boards can contain other boards, you can easily build nicely nested collections.
  • What is repinning?
    Repinning is making a copy of a pin to one of your own boards. Once repinned, you can edit it to make whatever changes you'd like.
  • What is information is copied when I repin?
    The title, image and all data except 'comment' is copied.
  • What is a 'feed'?
    A feed shows the last 25 pins made by a user. This includes PEZBoard itself.
  • Are there limits on the number of pins per board?
    Yes. A board can contain a maximum of 100 pins and other boards.
  • What are the image sizes for pins?
    Pin images are up to 700px wide by 500px tall. Any uploaded image that exceeds these dimensions is automatically resized while keeping its aspect ratio. The preview images for pins are 150px by 150px and taken from the top center portion of the pin image. The only exception is for square images in which case the entire image is resized when building the preview.
  • What are the image sizes for boards?
    Boards images are always 150px by 150px. If a square image is uploaded for a board, the entire image will be resized and used. Otherwise, the image will be resized and cropped using the top center portion.
  • Can I upload any image?
    All images should be related to your PEZ collection. There are plenty of other sites to share pictures of your family, vacation, ...
  • How big can my uploaded image filesize be?
    The upload process has a filesize limit of 8 MB. High definition camera images can be quite large in height/width as well as file size. Since any large image will be resized anyway (see above note), save us some processing time as well as your bandwidth by resizing/optimizing pictures before uploading.
  • Ok, once my image is uploaded, how can I alter it?
    When viewing one of your pins, you can make adjustments to the related image. The 'Image Editor' button will open a window from which you can rotate the image as well as crop the size.
  • What is 'Store Locator'?
    Have you ever been in a new town and wondered where you can find some PEZ? This page will show stores that sell PEZ based on a supplied location. You are encouraged to add stores to the site as well. The only request is to add "specialty" stores versus the major chains such as Walgreens, WalMart, Target, ...
  • Can I search another user's pins and boards?
    The menu item Friend's Board allows you to enter the username of another user and see their boards and pins.
  • How do I create a bookmark for someone's boards?
    The following syntax is a shortcut to the search screen.
    https://www.pezboard.com/friend-boards/?friend=[USERNAME HERE]
    Simply replace [USERNAME HERE] with any valid username. This URL can be saved as a bookmark just like any other URL. In fact, you can create a bookmark for your own boards and save the login step when making a quick check of your collection while shopping or convention room hopping!
  • Is an account required for people to view my pins and boards?
    No. The idea is to allow friends and family to search your boards in order to help build your collection. The search capability is public. Creating pins and boards does, however, require an account.
  • What does "Suggest adding to PEZBoard board" mean?
    When adding a pin, there is a checkbox to suggest this pin be added to PEZBoard. Before using this feature, we ask that you verify the pin doesn't already exist. By using this feature, the core set of images can grow based upon the user community. Images on a white background showing the entire dispenser or item is preferred.